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Before 2006, the founder of DILICN, Mr. Teng worked as a product design engineer and devoted all his youth to the spectacles industry. When he was young, he had been always thinking about in work that the reading glasses can be defined as the necessities of life from the physiological point of view. However, times are changing. The evolution and missions given to middle-aged people in this era require that everyone have a younger, more confident and fashionable mentality and state of mind.

As a glasses design engineer, Mr. Teng regards it as a new opportunity brought about by the times. A world-wide reading glasses platform is necessary. So the elder and middle-aged from all over the world can find their portable reading glasses that in high quality and competitive price. Whether you are female or male, and no matter what your figure is like, you will find the best fit reading glasses here. Moreover, the stylish glasses make people look younger and breed a lot more confidence. DILICN aims to turn the reading glasses to become people’s most reliable, intimate, and healthiest daily companion rather than a cold reading tool.


Based on this glorious ideal, Wenzhou Dilicn Optical Co., Ltd. was set up in 2006. Later “Thumb”, “DILICN”, “A Readers World” and other brands were registered one after another. In its early days, Dilicn is only a family trading company. However, our long-term goal is to build a professional factory of reading glasses and world-wide reading glasses solution platform with a certain reputation, that is, the mission of "A Readers World" !


In 2010, the company has completed a certain amount of original capital accumulation. The in-depth development of network technology and the advent of the big data era have profoundly affected all aspects of human beings lives, so the international trade model will certainly undergo a revolutionary change of trend. The “Disintermediation” business model, which is the removal of intermediaries in economics from a supply chain will become a necessity. That means the pure trading company will be eliminated in the future. In consideration of this situation, we invested and built our own glasses factory in 2010, which is a strong vitality support for our ultimate goal of building a world-famous exclusive solution platform for reading glasses! As a professional reading glasses factory, we aim to provide the most fashionable, healthy, cost-effective, unique and technological reading glasses for our customers.


After nearly 6 years of development, our glasses factory has developed a series of fashionable and healthy reading glasses that are easy to carry. In order to let customers fully understand and experience the unique of our reading glasses, we built a new online platform "A Readers World" in 2015. Here you can always find the reading glasses you need!


With the profound influence of network technology on people's life and traditional business model, people's life rhythm becomes faster and faster. In the meantime, the purchase of goods also presents a small batch of spot trend. Following the developing trend of the times, we added small batch spot purchase mode and online payment purchase mode on our "A Readers World" platform in 2017. Let every customer experience convenient, pleasant and unique shopping fun is our highest business philosophy.


The future remains to be written by you and me. I sincerely hope that you will become our partner to grow together and witness the miracle. 

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