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5 tips of eye protection

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The cold and dry air stimulates the eyes in winter, making it dry and uncomfortable. Also, air humidity of winter warmth is often lower indoor.  The use of electric heater and other heating equipment, which will aggravate the symptoms of dry eyes. Therefore,  eye protection in winter is very important for a lot of "computer clan" "screen nu" and already have dry eye fatigue, the wind to shed tears, dry itching and other symptoms of people.

 How to let our eye no longer "sad" in winter? Here are some tips for dealing with dry eyes in winter:

  1. Raising the humidity of the air in the room and appropriate using a humidifier.

  2. Alternating heat and cold to apply the eyes. Washing a face with a towel that dips in lukewarm water in the evening to apply eye ministry gently first and then alternate with cold water. It can effectively alleviate eye dry and eye acerbity for unwell.


    3. Blinking a lot. It's especially important for people who often use a computer for work or nearby, such as reading, sewing, etc. This is because people blink much less often when they engage in this type of activity.


    4. Drinking plenty of water to avoid dehydration.


    5. Intaking nutrients should be balanced. Partial diet or excessive intake of sugar and protein, resulting in a lack of trace elements such as zinc, calcium, chromium, which are not conducive to vision health. Prevention is to eat more vegetables, fruits, liver, fish and other foods.


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