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Can eye drops fight fatigue?

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Can eye drops fight fatigue?

First of all, the claims of anti-fatigue eyedrops to improve eye swelling and fatigue have not been proven.


Eye fatigue is mostly caused by overdraft with eyes, just like physical fatigue, the best way is to rest quietly as soon as possible, rather than taking some anti-fatigue drugs, the result of doing that will only make the body overdraft more serious, so that irreversible damage.

The same is true for eyes. The so-called anti-fatigue eyedrops only improve or cover up the feeling of eye fatigue. If you continue to overdraw your eyes, they will only make your eyes more tired and even cause irreversible damage.Long term use, myopia may be the least eye injury.


If someone invents a drug that does not require sleep but does not feel tired, perhaps it is suitable for military use or special needs, but for daily life and work, such contra products should be used with caution.

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