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Can myopia counteract presbyopia? Fake!

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Can myopia counteract presbyopia? Fake!

In fact, the long-sighted and short-sighted are the real pair, and presbyopia is more like a cross knife inserted in the third.

But many people mistakenly equate presbyopia with farsightedness.

From the perspective of formation mechanism, both far-sighted eyes and short-sighted eyes are refractive anomalies, which are generally manifested as excessively short and excessively long eye axes.

And this and presbyopia adjust ability decline, in fact is a completely different thing.

This is why both nearsightedness and farsightedness require glasses at all times, while presbyopia requires glasses only for close shots.


When we are born, the eye axis is relatively short. If we look at the length of the eye axis, the newborn baby is physiologically far-sighted.

After that, as the child grows and develops and the eye matures, the eye axis reaches the standard length.

Also known as hyperopia, the average child under the age of 3 should have 300 degrees of hyperopia.

After that, the degree of the hyperopia reserve decreases and becomes the frontal eye.

This process of physiologic hyperopia disappearing is also called "emmetropization".

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In addition, the hyperopia reserve, as a factor to predict the occurrence of myopia in children, also has a certain accuracy.

If children have age-appropriate reserves of hyperopia, there is no need to worry about myopia.

But if it appears that a child's myopia reserve is being depleted, watch out for children using their eyes, which may indicate a problem with myopia.

To deal with myopia prevention is the key, after all, myopia comes really can not cure, and the old and presbyopia waiting.

Although it's too late for you to read articles on your mobile phone, your future children can still be saved.

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