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Clip lens, sunglasses specially configured for optical glasses!

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Clip lens, sunglasses specially configured for optical glasses!

clip lens

Ask: add sunglasses clip piece directly on glasses, can you hurt an eye so?

Answer: the clip lens has a history of at least 20 years in China, and the quality of products made by professional factories is stable and mature.As long as it is a professional factory brand, basically the optical quality is very reliable, do not need to worry.

clip lens 3

In general basic no problem, just choose a good clip clip is sunglasses, just make it convenient myopic lens of the eye, as long as you don't buy those lousy, basic won't hurt eyes, but you have to worry about will not harm the lens, after all, most of the clamping piece is directly on the lens, suggest to buy the kind of clamping piece magnet adsorption, more at ease

clip lens2

Under normal circumstances, generally in our myopia glasses with sunglasses clip(the premise needs the right quality of a better polarizer clip), in the summer under the burning sun and the sun light strong under the circumstances, can play a role in shading and filtering.There is some protection against direct exposure to the hot sun.!

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