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Common metal optical frame

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Common  metal optical frame

1. Alloy material
There are white copper (mainly copper, mainly nickel, zinc, etc.), manganese nickel (mainly manganese, mainly nickel, etc.), high nickel (mainly nickel, chromium, manganese, etc.), nickel copper (mainly nickel, copper, etc.) and other alloy materials, with slight differences in strength, corrosion resistance and other physical and chemical properties.
Advantages: low material price (especially white copper), low processing difficulty.Easy to adjust the frame.
Disadvantages: poor electroplating adhesion, easy corrosion and rust, some people easy to metal allergy, easy to extrusion deformation, heavy.

2. Stainless steel
It is basically made of thin sheets of stainless steel.
Advantages: good flexibility, deformation resistance, light weight.Surface IP electroplating treatment, strong durability.
Cons: Cannot adjust.High degree of the lens is thicker, affecting the appearance.The surface spray - painted mirror frame is easy to take off the paint and is not durable.

3. Titanium
Titanium glasses can only be made of titanium with a purity of 99 percent or more.The frame made of pure titanium is featured with high melting point, light material, strong anti-corrosive force and strong electroplating, so as to ensure the beautiful and durable two important properties of the frame.Ideal material for metal mirror frame.
Advantages: high strength, not easy to deformation, but adjustable frame, not easy to metal allergy.IP electroplating has high adhesion, high durability and light weight.
Disadvantages: high material price, processing difficulty, resulting in higher price.

4. Titanium β 
You can think of it as another molecular state of titanium.Although the purity of titanium can not be compared with pure titanium, but its strength, fatigue resistance and environmental corrosion resistance characteristics compared with pure titanium.It is widely used in the frame with high elasticity requirement such as fine filamentous mirror foot, nose autumn and fine frame.
Advantages: good flexibility, not easy to deformation, light weight.
Disadvantages: it is not suitable for people with high height. The front end of the frame is too heavy to slide, and the lens is too thick to affect the appearance, so it cannot be adjusted.Material price high processing difficulty is big, the price is higher.

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