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Glasses structure category.

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Structure category of glasses.

According to the use function:

(1) Spectacles, an optical lens with the function of correcting vision, such as modern glasses and presbyopic glasses.

(2) Sunglasses have the effect of preventing ultraviolet rays from harming the eyes: also known as sunshade mirrors, sunglasses are very popular among young people in the world today. It is very popular among young people all over the world.


(3) Labor insurance glasses---glasses with special functions are widely used in all walks of life. 

According to the type of glasses structure:

(1) Full frame-the perimeter of the lens is all inlaid in the eyeglass frame ring, which is fixed by the edge of the lens and the lens ring.

(2) Half frame, also called fishing line frame, the edge of the lens and the ring of the spectacle frame are connected and fixed with fishing line.


(3) Frameless ---- Frameless has the characteristics of light weight, and the temples, bridge of the nose and the lens are fixedly connected by screws.

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