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How can I wipe my glasses clean?

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How can I wipe my glasses clean?

1. Both resin and glass spectacle lenses will be coated with a layer of mgf2, which has a relatively high hardness, not only has the effect of anti-reflection, but also prevents abrasion to a certain extent;

2. Of course, it’s best to use lens paper for wiping glasses, which is the kind of paper used for wiping microscope lenses. Even the best facial tissues are not as good as it (about two or three yuan per copy), but it is usually the most convenient to use lens wiping cloth. If you have deerskin, it is not recommended to wipe with handkerchiefs, even though they are all cotton fabrics;

3. At present, there is no special detergent for cleaning spectacle lenses, just use the neutral detergent you know, such as white cat, etc.;


4. Put the glasses in a glasses case and wrap them with a general lens cleaning cloth. The purpose of preventing heavy pressure is to prevent the optical axis of the glasses from leaving the line of sight of the eyeball too far, causing fatigue;

5. The service life of the resin sheet is about one year due to its own reasons. Excessive use will increase eye fatigue;

6. It is best not to use fingers when cleaning, use a piece of absorbent cotton or a special lens cloth for cleaning;

7. After washing, you can use the corner of the facial tissue to absorb the water droplets. At this time, you don't need to wipe it dry like a circle. You can also press the facial tissue paper on the lens to absorb the water droplets.


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