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How do you take good care of your glasses?

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How do you take good care of your glasses?

1. The most common dirty thing on the lens is dust in the air. This is not difficult, just rinse it off with water.

2, the second point is grease, a lot of people have a habit, is the lens on the dust is to wipe with the hand, the result of the oil on the hand went to the top of the lens.


Grease is the most practical and the most convenient way of cleaning is to use detergent, detergent to remove oil with clean water rinse clean, and then directly use clean napkin wipe on the line.

This way of cleaning is most suitable.Eyeglasses can last for years.I've never used mirrors from my own shop.

The third thing is something like hairspray gel. A lot of people spray hairspray on their hair, and your glasses get a little bit of gel, but usually by the time you find it, it's dry. A lot of people might think of dishwashing liquid, but it doesn't really work that well.


If you're in this situation, all you need is a bottle of nail polish remover, which can be found in cosmetics stores or nail salons, and the cheapest option.(Nail polish remover contains acetone, which is poisonous, and ventilation is recommended for frequent use.)

When the nail polish remover is ready, apply the whole nail polish remover directly to the lens. Be sure to apply it quickly and evenly for about 30 seconds.

(It's best not to take too long because nail polish remover can dissolve some of the plastic, but it's best to remove the lenses and wash them so you don't have to rush.)


Finally, it is the dirt in the gap of the frame. It is suggested to take the glasses shop to clean it. Ultrasonic wave may not be able to clean it, so it needs to be removed and polished.

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