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How many misunderstandings do you have about reading glasses?

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How many misunderstandings do you have about reading glasses?

Erroneous zone 1:
Buy any pair of reading glasses
Buy the reading glasses that degree, pupil is apart from fix casually, not only cannot make the vision achieves optimal result, can produce visual interference instead, appear look tired wait.
Buying reading glasses should vary from person to person and must be matched in a hospital or professional institution.

Erroneous zone 2:
Magnifying glasses replace reading glasses
Magnifying glass instead of reading glasses, converted into reading glasses equivalent to 1000 ~ 2000 degrees, for a long time so "pamper" eyes, such as with reading glasses it is difficult to find the right degree.

Erroneous zone 3:
Many people share one pair of reading glasses
Husband and wife share a pair of reading glasses, there must be one party to accommodate another party, the result of accommodation is worse and worse eyesight, "presbyopia" degree rise fast, see things more and more difficult.

Erroneous zone 4:
Myopia can't cause presbyopia
In fact, the original refractive state of the eye affects the appearance of presbyopia sooner or later. In young people with farsightedness, presbyopia appears earlier, while myopia appears later.
But not all short-sighted people need to wear reading glasses at any age.

Erroneous zone 5:
The glasses are too low
Pupil distance height is wrong, can injure eyesight seriously for a long time.
Not only that, there are Asian version and European version of the frame. The European version is not suitable for Asian people to wear because of its high nose support, so you should be careful when traveling abroad.

Erroneous zone 6:
Wipe your glasses with clothes and paper towels
The lens before USES glass material more, more wear-resisting, these article wipe won't grind lens.
However, the current lens is made of resin, which is soft and has poor wear resistance. It is easy to grind the lens with these wipes, which reduces the service life.In addition, the cloth should be cleaned frequently.

Erroneous zone 7:
Take off your glasses with one hand
If you take off the glasses with one hand for a long time, the force on the legs of the glasses will be uneven, resulting in the height of the glasses. If you wear glasses without glasses, your head will tilt unconsciously, increasing the burden of the cervical vertebra.

Erroneous zone 8:
Put it somewhere
Many people take off their glasses and put them directly in the front window, bathroom, kitchen, etc. These places are high temperature or high humidity, which will easily cause the deformation of the mirror frame, resulting in the change of pupil distance and affect the vision.

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