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How to adjust the glasses frame correctly?

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How to adjust the glasses frame correctly?

The steps of glasses adjustment are mainly divided into:

1. Inspection: Mainly check the degree of wear of the spectacle frame, mainly to see whether the solder joints have signs of open welding.

2. Locking screws: if the glasses are worn for a long time (especially frameless perforated frames), several screws may become loose. At this time, we need to use a special screwdriver to tighten the screws. Of course, it should not be too tight, but loosen appropriately. It will cause inconvenience during use.

A. Mirror: Mainly adjust the curvature of the mirror, that is, the angle between the plane lines of the two lenses, between 170---180 degrees.

B. External opening angle: The external opening angle is mainly for metal frames, and the best opening angle between the temple and the mirror surface is between 90 and 95.


3. Tilt angle: This position needs to be adjusted, indicating that the tilt angles on both sides of the temples are inconsistent. We need to clamp the pile head with pliers, and adjust the other pliers in front of the hinge. In particular, babies should try not to try this adjustment on their own, so as to avoid the welding of the frame, you need to go to a regular eyeglass shop to find a professional master for help.

4. Nose pads: The adjustment standard of the nose pads must be that the surface of the nose pads is in full contact with the nasal bridge bone, and the eye distance of the lens is 12mm. Need to use professional nose pad forceps to clamp the root of the nose pad and twist it to the nasal or temporal side.

5. The length and curvature of the temples: the two temples should be symmetrical, and the curvature of the temples should be the same.


6. Adjust the foot covers of the temples so that the bending of the foot covers fits the wearer’s ears more closely. Heating treatment is required if necessary, especially in cold winter. If the plastic foot covers are adjusted without heat treatment, they will often be adjusted. Fracture occurred.

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