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How to choose lenses.

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How to choose lenses.


      The refractive index of the refractive index lens is determined by the material used in the lens. In the case of the same center thickness, the higher the refractive index of the same material of the same power lens, the thinner the edge of the lens; when the brand is the same, the refractive index means the difference in the material used, and the price of the lens can also be judged , The higher the refractive index, the higher the price, and vice versa. Refractive index selection reference: (for reference only, no mechanical comparison) 1.56:0—400°(-4.00D) 1.60: 300°(-3.00D)—600°(-6.00D) 1.67: 400°(-4.00D) )—800°(-8.00D) 1.74: above 800°(-8.00D).


        Wear resistance coefficient The reason why the wear resistance coefficient is mentioned is that when the resin lens first entered the market, it was not abrasion resistant. Basically, the lens wears out after half a year. However, with the continuous iteration and update of technology, the surface hardness of ordinary resin lenses is 2-3H. After hardening treatment, the hardness reaches 4-5H, while the hardness of current resin lenses has exceeded 6-7H, and then the surface is plated. Adding a hard film solves the shortcomings of the lens that is not wear-resistant. Although the hardness cannot be compared with glass flakes, most of the glass flakes have been withdrawn from the market at present, and the only ones left are mainly high refractive index, such as 1.8, 1.9, refractive index.


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