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How to choose presbyopia glasses?

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How to choose presbyopia glasses?


In the selection of glasses frame, in addition to the price, aesthetics as the standard, pay special attention to the size of the glasses frame and his pupil distance as far as possible to match, because it directly affects the intrinsic optical quality of the glasses and wear comfort.


The following items can be considered in the identification of frame quality:

1. The frame with good elasticity is generally of better quality.

2. The frame with smooth and glossy coating is of good quality.

3. The frame with smooth, small and uniform materials is of good quality.

4. It is better if all parts are assembled closely.

5, mirror ring size, shape must be exactly the same, the bridge of the nose symmetrical.


Glasses for attention

1, first of all, you should choose a regular, good reputation with professional glasses shop or eye hospital to prepare old glasses, glasses quality and service have a certain guarantee.

2, before matching glasses, should first optometry, not blind purchase.You should also know your prescription parameters for nearsightedness when buying ready-made goggles and purchase them under the guidance of a professional.

3. After the glasses are made or purchased, the school matching staff will match the glasses according to the face shape.In general, if the parameters are right, it will be very clear when you put on new glasses.

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