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How to choose reading glasses?

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How to choose reading glasses? On the material problem of reading glasses!

Reading glasses, reading glasses is mainly used to supplement the elderly eye optical products, outside the meet with people in the heart of the age, general frame adopts metal materials, mostly by air beryllium copper alloy material, than ordinary metal material corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and impact resistance of the two times stronger, the quality of light for more than 35%.The glue cover of lens frame can use simple sense better material, good have no allergic reaction to skin, also want to prevent slip effectively at the same time.The nose rest can be made of silicone and designed in combination with the principle of integrated artificial engineering, which can perfectly fit the bridge of the nose and give you a comfortable and non-oppressive wearing experience.


Reading glasses, reading glasses lens material chosen resin, can effectively filter ultraviolet and infrared ray and glare, etc., for the elderly, eyes ten-fold increase and resistance is poorer, only good filtering harmful light, eye protection, can prevent senile cataracts, and macular degeneration and other eye diseases.Plus presbyopia degree and myopia degree is not the same, do not need to wear too high degree of lens, but resin lens compared with other materials of the lens, its refractive index and transmittance, uv protection and other glare ability is good.


Reading glasses are usually treated with a film or aspherical lens design. They are lighter and thinner than ordinary spherical lenses, with clearer vision and wider field of vision, so that patients can read and work without any obstacles.No matter what kind of material choice of reading glasses, in the measurement of diopter, the first to determine the degree of distance, and then according to the age, occupation and life rules calculated reading glasses degree, so as to avoid head swelling, headache or dizziness, dizziness and other uncomfortable symptoms in the wearing process.At the same time when buying reading glasses, choose a regular glasses chain, such as 100 million super glasses, and according to their own pupil distance to choose finished products, so as to avoid the phenomenon of unclear vision.

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