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How to choose the right glasses?

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How to choose the right glasses?

1. Select the lens

Generally speaking, glasses lenses can be divided into two categories, namely glass lenses and optical resin lenses.

Glass lenses include optical glass lenses and high refractive index lenses (commonly known as ultra-thin lenses), their hardness is high, good wear resistance, generally its quality and parameters will not change with time, but the impact resistance and weight of glass lenses is slightly worse than resin lenses.

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Resin lenses are generally much lighter than glass lenses and have better impact resistance than glass lenses, but their surface hardness is low and they are easy to be scraped.Resin lens and coated lens due to its characteristics is soft, so usually should pay attention not to let the mirror face direct contact with hard objects, scrub with clean water (or mixed with a small amount of detergent) cleaning, and then use special cloth or high-quality cotton paper to blot out the water drops on the eyeglasses.In addition, in poor environmental conditions should be used carefully coated lens, so as to avoid contamination is difficult to clean.

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2. Choose the frame

In the selection of glasses frame, in addition to the price, aesthetics as the standard, pay special attention to the size of the glasses frame and his pupil distance as far as possible to match, because it directly affects the intrinsic optical quality of the glasses and wear comfort.

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The following items can be considered in the identification of frame quality:

1. The frame with good elasticity is generally of better quality.

2. The frame with smooth and glossy coating is of good quality.

3. The frame with smooth, small and uniform materials is of good quality.

4. It is better if all parts are assembled closely.

5, mirror ring size, shape must be exactly the same, the bridge of the nose symmetrical.

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