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How to clean sunglasses?

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How to clean sunglasses.

1.Look at how dirty the lens is. Also check if there are other glass fragments that need to be cleaned. Look at the place where you touch your nose and ears. The contact between hair and skin's natural oils can quickly accumulate bacteria and make them dirty faster. Wipe with a microfiber cloth.

2. Use clean microfiber cloth. The use of clean cloth not only avoids the transfer of dirt and other residues, but also greatly reduces the risk of scratching the lens when wiping the eyeglass cleaner.


3. Spray both sides of the lens with lens cleaner. It is best to use a spray when buying glasses. Special sprays for sunglasses can protect any additional coatings on the lenses.

4. Wipe each lens with a microfiber cloth (specially made for glasses). Apply a little pressure gently. Wipe in a circular motion to reduce lines and stains back and forth.

5. Wash your glasses under warm water. Too hot water may damage any coating on the lenses.

6. Put a drop of soap on each side of the lens. Gently apply the soap ring with your index finger and thumb. Rub the soap evenly on each lens.


7. Clean the lens again to remove soap.

8. Put on glasses. Check through the lens under natural light for any potential residual soap or dirt.

9. Allow the lens to dry or shake the water gently. Avoid using paper towels or kitchen cloths to wipe water. Choose a clean microfiber cloth. If there is no microfiber cloth, use a clean cotton cloth.

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