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How to defend blue light glasses to undertake appraisal?

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How to defend blue light glasses to undertake appraisal?

1, look at the packaging check security

Generally speaking, the normal brand of anti-blue light glasses lens packaging has the relevant security code for users to query.

anti-blue light glassses

2, check the fog security code

The lens itself has a fog security code, the lens can be displayed at a breath, as shown in the picture.

You can check the authenticity of the lens by logging into the official website of the lens brand. However, generally, the fake fake code of the fog is on the edge of the lens, which can only be seen before the lens is not processed. The processed lens may not be able to see the security code of the fog.

anti-blue light glassses2

3. Blue light exposure

The blue light pen is used to irradiate the lens. For the lens without anti-blue light function, the blue light basically passes through the lens, while for the anti-blue light lens, under the irradiation of blue light, most of the blue light is blocked by the lens.

As shown in the figure below, there is no blocking of anti-blue light lens. Under the irradiation of blue light pen, the test card reacts and turns purple. However, under the blocking of anti-blue light lens, the test card does not change because blue light is blocked.

At present, most of the blue light pens on the market are faked, using the principle that the wavelength emitted is shorter than 400-450 nm to create the illusion that blue light is blocked, but it is not.

anti-blue light glassses3

4. The lens is yellowish

Anti-blue light glasses because of the filtering of harmful blue light, according to the complementary color principle, the lens vision will be slightly yellow.

Maintaining a slight chromatic aberration and good light transmittance and blocking harmful blue light are the advantages of blue light glasses.

anti-blue light glassses4

5. The surface of the lens reflects blue light

Usually USES the membrane layer reflection technology to prevent the blue light lens, because carried on the harmful blue light reflection, so the lens surface will reflect the blue light, and the substrate absorption technology to prevent the blue light lens will not reflect the blue light.As shown in the picture below, the glasses above reflect blue light and are anti-blue light glasses.

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