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How to protect your eyes during office hours?

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How to protect your eyes during office hours?

1, pay attention to develop good hygiene habits: computer operators should not operate the computer while eating, also should not eat in the operating room, otherwise easy to cause indigestion or gastritis.Computer keyboard contact more, after work should wash their hands to prevent infectious diseases.

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2, pay attention to keep the skin clean: should often keep the face and hands of the skin clean, because the computer screen surface has a large amount of static electricity, its collection of dust can be transferred to the face and hands of the skin exposed, a long time, easy to occur ugly macula, pigmentation, serious even cause skin lesions.

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3, pay attention to nutritional supplement: computer operators in front of the screen for too long, the retina of rhodopsin will be consumed, and rhodopsin is mainly synthesized by vitamin A.Therefore, computer operators should eat more carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, tofu, dates, oranges and milk, eggs, animal liver, lean meat and other food, in order to supplement the human body vitamin A and protein.Can drink some tea more at ordinary times, because tea contains active material such as tea polyphenol in tea, have absorption and the action that resist radioactive material.

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4. Pay attention to the correct posture: The seat should be correct and comfortable during operation.Should install the computer screen center position on the same level line with the operator chest, the distance between the eye and the screen should be in 40-50 centimeters, had better use the chair that can adjust height.During the operation, you should often wink or close your eyes for a while to adjust and improve your vision and prevent vision loss.

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