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How to treat pseudomyopia?

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How to treat pseudomyopia?

At present, there are many methods to treat pseudomyopia, mainly to relax the adjustment, to achieve the purpose of treating fake myopia. The commonly used methods are:

(1) Relaxation and adjustment; ① Mydriatic therapy: use cycloplegia to dilate my pupils. At present, eye drops are applied once a day. ②The method of wearing a convex lens: First, let the patient wear a convex lens with a higher power and look at the visual acuity chart at a distance of 5 meters to relax the ciliary muscles, and then adjust the power of the convex lens so that the vision is basically normal. ③Looking-away method: After studying or writing for 1 to 2 hours, you can overlook the natural scenery and relax the ciliary muscles. Insist on doing eye exercises 3 to 4 times a day.


(2) Use methods to improve the excitability of the visual center and improve visual function: direct current treatment of myopia, ear acupuncture, plum blossom needle, acupoint massage, acupoint conduction, qigong therapy and cold water bath therapy, etc. It is mainly to increase the excitability of the optic center and optic nerve cells of the brain, which can improve the vision both near and far.

(3) Improve the learning environment: Reading and writing pay attention to keeping a distance of 30 cm and correct posture. Pay attention to natural light and ensure adequate indoor lighting. Combine work and rest, get rid of bad study habits, rest for 10-15 minutes every hour of reading, and do not lie down or walk to read. Pay attention to strengthening physical exercise.


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