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Introduction to glasses frame structure.

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Introduction to glasses frame structure.

Spectacle frame is an important part of glasses, mainly supporting .With the role of spectacle lenses, a beautiful spectacle frame can also play a beautiful role. A pair of frames is usually composed of the main parts such as the lens ring, the nose pad, the pile head and the temples.

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1.Lens ring (frame): The assembly position of the lens, using metal wire, nylon wire and screws to fix the lens by means of grooves or drill holes, which affects the cutting of the lens and the shape of the glasses. 

2. Nose bridge: connect the left and right lens rings or directly connect with the lens. The bridge of the nose is placed directly on the nose or supported by the stipules. 

3. Nose pads: including stipules, stipule boxes and stipules. The stipules are in direct contact with the nose and play the role of supporting and stabilizing the frame. Certain molded plastic frames may not have stipules and stipule boxes, and the stipules are connected to the mirror ring. 

4. Nose pad bracket: connect the nose pad and the frame. 

5. Pile head: The joint between the lens ring and the lens angle is generally curved. 

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6. Mirror feet: The hook is mounted on the ear, it can be moved, and it is connected with the pile head, which plays the role of fixing the mirror ring. 

7. Foot cover: It is installed at the end of the temple for comfortable wearing. 

8. Hinge: a joint connecting the pile head and the mirror foot. 

9. Locking block: Tighten the screws to tighten the locking blocks on both sides of the lens ring opening to fix the function of the lens.

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