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  • symptoms of presbyopia -------check if you are presbyopia


    The most common symptoms of presbyopia occur around age 40 for most people. The symptoms of presbyopia typically involve a gradual deterioration in your ability to read or do work up close.Common symptoms of presbyopia are:1. having eyestrain or headaches after reading or doing close work2. having d Read More

  • How to protect us in virus situation? A medical safety goggle glasses will be!!!


    2019 novel coronavirus (2019-ncov), [1] was identified due to the case of viral pneumonia in wuhan in 2019, and was named by the world health organization on January 12,2020.Coronavirus is a large family of viruses known to cause colds and more serious illnesses such as MERS and SARS.The novel coron Read More

  • A unique fishing dedicated reaers sunglasses


    With the rapid development of the economy, people are under increasing pressure. Outdoor activities have become a way for most people to reduce their pressure. Many middle-aged and elderly people will choose fishing, they have enough patience and excellent fishing skills. Fishing can not only affect Read More

  • How to Prevent Presbyopia?


    How to Prevent Presbyopia?There’s no proven technique for preventing presbyopia. The gradual decline of the ability to focus on near objects affects everyone. However, you can help protect your vision with these steps:Get regular eye examinations. Read More

  • Dilicn Optical Co., Ltd Spring Festival holiday arrangement


    Dilicn Optical Co., Ltd Spring Festival holiday arrangement Read More



    Wenzhou Dilicn Optical Co.,Ltd is a professional #reading glasses factory & exporter since 2006.
    Read More

  • Dilicn optical sales team


    This is Dilicn optical sales team. Read More

  • Dilicn showing room


    This is a Dilicn showing room. Read More

  • Dilicn wish you a Merry Christmas


    We wish you a Merry Christmas. Read More

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