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People who can not wear sunglasses!

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People who can not wear sunglasses!

1, Children: The visual function of children under six years old has not been developed to the normal level;The New Vision Eye Hospital says that wearing sunglasses for long periods of time can affect a child's visual development and can even lead to lazy eye.


2, Glaucoma: when wearing sunglasses, the visible light into the eye decreases, the pupil will naturally open.This kind of change of pupil does not have what effect to healthy person, but to glaucoma patient, increased the obstacle that aqueous humor circulates inside the eye more however, cause glaucoma to break out easily easily, appear the symptom such as red eye, eye ache, have a headache, disgusting, vomit, vision drops sharply.Therefore, do not wear sunglasses for glaucoma patients or suspected glaucoma patients.


3, Color Blindness: people who are completely color blind wear sunglasses without much influence.But some people with color blindness, who lack the ability to distinguish only a few colors, are even less able to distinguish colors when wearing sunglasses.


4, Retinitis: wearing sunglasses will aggravate the optic nerve conduction disorder in patients with optic neuroretinitis and affect the recovery of the disease.

In summer, due to the fierce sunlight, many drivers will wear a pair of sunglasses to block the glare of the sun when driving. However, the police remind drivers that although sunglasses are cool, driving safety is more important, so don't wear dark sunglasses.

Many people assume that the darker the color, the better the uv protection.Actually, the function that sunglass filters ULTRAVIOLET ray is concerned with plating film only, color also is not darker the better.Long distance drivers, in particular, are more likely to tire their eyes if they wear sunglasses that are too dark, and are more dangerous if they enter dark places such as tunnels in strong sunlight.

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