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Presbyopia sunglasses, you know?

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Presbyopia sunglasses, you know?

It's hard to choose between sunglasses and reading glasses. You can't wear two pairs at once, can you?

In fact, do not need to wear together, as long as there is a pair of prescription presbyopia sunglasses, perfect solution to the travel problem of friends who have presbyopia!


Popular science: presbyopia sunglasses choose appropriate picture frame is particularly important, unfavorable choose picture frame width is too big, the design that picture frame radian crosses a bend;Disadvantages are as follows: increase the lens thickness, the pupil distance cannot meet the wearing requirements, increase the difficulty of lens assembly, or even cannot be customized, which will affect the wearing comfort.


Of course, match presbyopia sunglass lens how to choose must consider more, besides choose beautiful and fashionable color, consider the comfortable sex that lens wears even!Polarizing dazzling presbyopia solar lens can effectively inhibit strong light, disorderly light, more effectively block harmful light, direct at the sun without dazzling feeling;Polarizing dazzle color preschooler sunglasses are made of super tough materials, which are more resistant to falling and wear-resisting. They are the best choice for outdoor sports.


Different glasses always bring different aura field, when polarizing dazzle color presenopia solar lens meets the fashion frame is destined to be a visual feast!Speaking of which, maybe many friends still don't know...In fact, there is no relationship between the color of the lens and the protection against uv damage. What really prevents the damage is a special layer of film outside the lens.Ordinary presbyopia solar lenses do not have this function!

Driving presenile sunglasses can absorb violet, cyan and infrared rays, block reflected light, relieve visual fatigue, not just polarized driver glasses!

Fashionable presbyopia sunglasses, soft color, not only resist ultraviolet radiation, more to ensure the clarity of vision, so that your travel more relaxed and happy!

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All grey classic...Smoky purple fashion...Cool ice blue...Pink passion...After all, life should be colorful, isn't it?


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