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Small glasses, great use.

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Small glasses, great use.

1.Correct the refractive error

The process of seeing things with the eyes can be regarded as the process of forming objects when the camera takes pictures. The lens in the eye and the ciliary muscle together form the focusing lens. Under normal circumstances, the light at infinity passes through the lens and just falls on the retina for imaging, which is face up. Refractive error, that is, non-face vision, means that the light cannot fall exactly on the retina through the lens, either in front or behind. Common types of refractive errors include myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism.


Myopia is the inability to see clearly from far away, and presbyopia is the inability to see clearly when looking closer. What is hyperopia? Hyperopia patients often have special anatomical deconstructions such as small eyeballs and shallow anterior chambers, and the lens and ciliary muscles have strong focusing ability, and they are very prone to angle-closure glaucoma. Most refractive errors can be resolved with correct glasses.


2. Relieve or eliminate visual fatigue

Asthenopia is not an independent disease, it is a group of fatigue syndromes caused by various reasons. Often manifested as blurred vision, dry eyes, foreign body sensation, photophobia, tearing, etc. Refractive error is one of the common causes of asthenopia. Our lens and ciliary muscle can be adjusted in a certain range like a lens, ensuring that when looking close and far away, the light passing through the lens can just fall on the retina. If we use this function for a long time, the ciliary muscles will not be able to rest, and visual fatigue will occur. Therefore, wearing good glasses to correct refractive error is the best way to eliminate the symptoms of asthenopia.

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