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Smart reading glasses, a trend of choice

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Smart reading glasses, a trend of choice!

Intelligent reading glasses, usually refers to the use of progressive multi-focus technology can be made at the same time to solve presbyopia and myopia and other visual problems glasses.There are mainly three kinds of reading glasses on the market, that is, single light lens, double light lens and progressive multi-focal lens.


Single light lens can only be used to see near, far need to take off the glasses, foreign has been basically eliminated.Double light lens is to point to upper half lens is used to see far, lower half lens is used to see close, but this kind of reading glass sees the thing has hops phenomenon, appearance also is not beautiful, already be replaced gradually by gradually many focal lens, namely so-called "intelligent reading glass".


So-called "smart" mainly because of progressive focal technology can close, look far more a fix, and achieving the continuous far, middle and near distance vision, avoids as far and as close constantly change and pick the trouble of lens, lens can effectively block ultraviolet light, bright light and electromagnetic radiation such as multiple functions, and not easy to cause visual fatigue, make up for the deficiency of the traditional reading glasses.In addition, the lens of the multi-focus lens is like the flat lens, from the appearance, the multi-focus lens is not able to see the degree of change of the dividing line, relatively beautiful, a lens glasses to solve many problems, and beautiful, work and life are suitable for wearing.

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