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Summer, why wear sunglasses?

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Summer, why wear sunglasses?

When summer comes, the sun shines brightly.Do not think to wear sunglasses is to play cool not serious, wear sunglasses is mainly to keep out strong light especially ultraviolet ray, so if you find the sun is stronger when going out, you must wear sunglasses, among them black, brown, gray sunglasses because they can weaken strong light and more recommended.

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If you spend a lot of time outdoors on a sunny summer day and the sun shines into your eyes, it may cause damage to your eyes in the long run, such as oxidation of the lens epithelium.

The incidence of cataract in xizang is higher than that in the eastern part of the country, which may be related to the high intensity of ultraviolet rays and the insufficient protection of eyes.

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In addition, from the strong light environment suddenly switch to the dark environment, the eyes have a dark adaptation process, after a while can see the dark objects.The driver suddenly enters a tunnel when driving. If the eyes are not protected and the bright light directly enters the eyes, the dark adaptation ability will be reduced. It may take 1-2 seconds to see the objects clearly but cannot distinguish them carefully.

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If you don't wear sunglasses, bright summer light can easily cause cataracts.Experts say cataracts are not a disease for the elderly, and children can develop cataracts when there is eye trauma, so people should not take it lightly.

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