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Sunglasses big category!

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Sunglasses big category!

Sunglass can be divided into three categories according to the purpose: sunglass, light-colored sunglass and special-purpose sunglass.

The so-called sunshade mirror, as its name implies, is used for shading. People usually adjust the luminous flux by adjusting the pupil size under the sun. When the light intensity exceeds the eye's adjustment ability, it will cause harm to the eye.So in outdoor activities, especially in summer, many people use sun mirrors to block the sun, in order to reduce the eye regulation caused by fatigue or strong light caused by the injury.


The blocking effect of light colored sunglasses to the sun is not as good as that of sunshade mirror, but its color is rich, suit to be used with all kinds of dress collocation, have very strong adornment effect.Light color sunglass because its colour is rich, design is diversiform, got the favour of young gens, fashionable woman is to its more dote on have have add.Sunglass for special purposes has a strong function of blocking the sun. It is often used on beaches, skiing, mountain climbing, golf and other fields where the sun is strong. Its anti-ULTRAVIOLET properties and other indicators have higher requirements.

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Different people, according to different preferences and different USES to choose sunglasses, but the most fundamental is to be able to guarantee the wearer's safety and vision is not damaged from the basic principles.The basic functions of sunglasses should be to reduce the stimulation of strong light, avoid distortion of visual objects, prevent UV, recognize color without distortion, and accurately identify traffic signals.If afore-mentioned function has blemish, light loses the action of sunglass, heavy can produce giddy, eye acid billow wait for conscious not to adapt to a symptom, still can produce reaction sometimes slow, distinguish color illusion and walk to see the symptom with unequal content and cause traffic accident to wait.So choosing sunglasses cannot pay attention to style only and ignore its inherent quality.

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