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Tell you what reading glasses are!

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Tell you what reading glasses are!

Elderly people, the ability to adjust the eyes will gradually decline, so as to appear near the difficulty, reading books, newspapers have to take a little far to see clearly. They need to be corrected by wearing reading glasses, but what are reading glasses? How can you tell presbyopia?


一、 Reading glasses is what mirror?

Presbyopia glasses, also known as presbyopia glasses, belong to a double convex lens, is a special eye for presbyopia people used. Reading glasses can be used to supplement the lack of eye adjustment. I believe we all know the magnifying glass, it is a convex lens, can enlarge the font, reading glasses and magnifying glass principle is the same, is also a kind of optical products. Presbyopic glasses and myopic glasses have some national optical indicators, of course, also including some special rules of use.

二、 What are the types of reading glasses?

The common types of presbyopic glasses are monophores, biophores and progressive multifocal lenses. Monophores can only be used to see close places, and they are often picked and worn, which is very troublesome. Bi-light lens is to point to the upper half lens is used to see far, the lower half lens is used to see near, but this kind of reading glasses sees things to have jumping phenomenon, appearance is not beautiful. The progressive multifocal lens can see far, can also see near, the appearance is better, is a new type of reading glasses.


三、What are the manifestations of presbyopia?

For people with mild myopia or normal vision, when they get older, if it is difficult to see things at close range, they need to read books or newspapers far away, or in a well-lit place to see clearly. Or reading to use all the adjustment of the eyes, can not be used for a long time, prone to eye distension, headache and other visual fatigue, indicating that the eyes began to age, so need to wear reading glasses correction. If it is a high degree of myopia, close reading needs to take off the glasses or read far away, is also the performance of presbyopia, need to wear appropriate reading glasses, but may be more troublesome, see near to wear reading glasses, look at the distance to wear myopia glasses.


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