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The application field of reading glasses!

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The application field of reading glasses

Presbyopia is a normal physiological phenomenon, not an eye disease, also not the old people.After the age of 40, as the lens of the human eye gradually stiffens the fiber, the ciliary muscle becomes paralyzed, making the human eye unable to effectively adjust the shape of the eye (axial change), can only by adjusting the distance between the eye and the object to see, when looking at the object close to have to move far to see clearly, then the state of the eye is called presbyopia.

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If you want to use your presbyopia from the distance you are used to, you have to wear reading glasses to supplement your vision so that you can see closer and clearer. Reading glasses are literally the second pair of eyes that everyone has when they reach middle age.Presbyopia is related to age.For example, presbyopia is +1.50D(150 degrees) at age 45, and increases to +2.00D(200 degrees) at age 50, with or without glasses.Presbyopia has appeared. If you don't wear reading glasses, the ciliary muscles will be exhausted and cannot be adjusted. It will definitely aggravate reading difficulties, produce dizziness, eye distention and other symptoms, which will affect your life and work.Therefore, presbyopia should be matched, do not delay.

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After age grows, the reading glasses that match originally are not enough, also want to change in time.Therefore, reading glasses cannot be worn to the end.Wearing inappropriate reading glasses for a long time will not only bring a lot of inconvenience to your life, but also accelerate the process of presbyopia.

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In general, there are two main manifestations of early presbyopia: the first is close work or reading difficulties.For example, you need to keep the book far away when reading, or you need to read in a light place to see clearly.The second is visual fatigue.With the decrease of regulating power, the reading demand gradually approaches the limit of regulating power, that is, almost all the regulating power of the eyes should be used during reading, which leads to the inability to keep using the eyes for a long time. At the same time, due to excessive regulation, eyebloating, headache and other visual fatigue symptoms are easy to occur.Both of these phenomena indicate that the eyes may be starting to presbyopia.To myopic crowd, when close range reads, need to take off glasses or pull reading material far, also be presbyopia performance.After presbyopia, the safest thing to do is to wear proper reading glasses to correct it.

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