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The benefits of polarized sunglasses!

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The benefits of polarized sunglasses!

Polarizing sunglasses because of its polarized light characteristics, but also like shutters, the sun's rays are adjusted into the same beam after shooting into the eye, soft and not dazzling. This effectively eliminates the diffuse light that we produce in our daily lives, absorbing only the light reflected by the object itself, and realistically rendering what we see.

Specific advantages:

First, the principle of polarizing glasses.


Polarized light is made of waves that all vibrate in the same direction, whereas ordinary light is made of waves that vibrate in no direction. In general, reflected light is an ordered light. The polarizing film in polarized sunglasses is highly filter against this reflected light, allowing only polarizing waves that vibrate in a certain direction to pass through.

The reflected light on the road is a special kind of reflected light, which is manifested in the non-order of the light. The polarizing film layer in the polarizing sunglasses can play a role. It does not let the light wave vibrating parallel to the road pass through. In effect, the long molecules in the filter layer are directed horizontally and can absorb horizontally polarized light. In this way, most of the reflected light is eliminated without reducing the overall illumination of the surrounding environment.

Second, applicable occasions.


When driving, if you're in the middle of traffic, you're no longer bothered by the sun and the many reflections from the car ahead. When fishing, the waves sparkle in the sunlight, but you won't feel any discomfort. On the contrary, I feel comfortable and free, and the reflection is gone; When skiing, the vast snow field, you do not have to worry about reflection and ultraviolet light, you can enjoy the glide. When it's raining, traffic signs on rain-strewn roads are clearly visible to you. On vacation, more ultraviolet rays are effectively blocked, allowing you to enjoy this rare leisure time.

Third, the choice of polarizing mirror.


Pale red or vermillion lenses enhance contrast and sharpness under strong glare conditions, ideal for water and snow activities.

Brown or brown lenses are preferred for driving because they enhance color contrast. Amber, yellow, or orange lenses are ideal for overcast days for very clear vision, but not for strong sunlight. Grey or dark green lenses are a good choice for keeping the most natural color when viewing.

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