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The clinical manifestation of presbyopia

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The clinical manifestation of presbyopia

The uncomfortable feeling of presbyopia person is different from person to person, because it is concerned with the element such as individual basis refractive state, eye habit, occupation and hobby.For example, the subjective perception of presbyopia by a close range worker is much stronger than that of a traffic policeman whose primary task is to watch distant vehicles and traffic lights.

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1. Difficulty seeing close

Patients will gradually find that they can't read small fonts clearly at the usual working distance and can see them relatively clearly at a distance.Patients unconsciously tilt their heads back or take books and newspapers farther away to read, and the distance they need to read increases with age.

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2. Reading requires more illumination

At first, it was uncomfortable to read at night, when the lights were dim.Insufficient illumination not only increases the visual resolution threshold but also dilates the pupil, which forms a large dispersion ring on the retina and makes the symptoms of presbyopia more obvious.As the growth of the age, even in the daytime is engaged in close range work is also easy to fatigue, so the person who is shortsighted, read a book at night like to use brighter light.

Sometimes the light is placed between the book and the eye, which not only increases the contrast between the book and the text, but also Narrows the pupil.

But lamplight is put before the eye the interference that causes glare necessarily, this kind of interference illuminant is closer to the axis of view, the influence to eyesight is bigger, some old people like to read a book below sunshine, be this truth.

Indoor light, old people can improve eyesight with increasing illuminance.Reading materials, the elderly have high requirements for bright contrast, so the elderly should be provided with clear printing, large font, black and white reading materials, avoid using blue, green, purple background.

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3. Visual proximity does not last

Insufficient adjustment means that the near point gradually becomes far away, and the near object can be clearly seen after efforts.If this effort exceeds the limit to cause ciliary body tension, and then look at distant objects, as a result of ciliary body tension can not immediately relax, so the formation of temporary myopia.

There is also a short period of fuzziness when you look at the near objects, which is the manifestation of a sluggish response to regulation.Fatigue occurs when the ciliary muscle approaches its functional limit and is unable to work consistently.

Due to the decrease of regulation, patients have to work close to the limit of binocular regulation, so they cannot last long.

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