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The distinction of glasses of presbyopia and myopia?

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The distinction of glasses of presbyopia and myopia?

Presbyopia is a convex lens while myopia is a concave lens.

Presbyopia is a natural physiological aging phenomenon, 

with the decline of regulation, from the age of 40 or so, whether there is myopia or hyperopia will occur.

This occurs when the reader is placed farther away to see clearly, and at some point a positive lens is needed to help the reader see clearly.

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Myopia: bulged eyeball, myopia is the focus formed before the retina after parallel light enters the eye, 

external objects cannot form clear images in the retina, the patient's subjective feeling to see far and fuzzy, 

see near clearly, with concave lens to correct myopia.

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So myopic glasses can often wear, and presbyopia glasses can not always wear.

But no matter be myopia or presbyopia, should cause attention.

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It's important to develop good eye habits. You need glasses even if you can't see clearly.

In addition, we should adhere to oral lecontinin to supplement the overall nutrition of eyes,

 relieve visual fatigue, which is beneficial to myopia or presbyopia.


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