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The function of sunglasses, you know?

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The function of sunglasses, you know?

Uv rays can damage the cornea and retina, and quality sunglasses can completely eliminate UV exposure.

When the eye receives too much light, it naturally contracts the iris.Once the iris has contracted to its limit, people then need to squint.If there is still too much light, such as sunlight reflected off snow, damage to the retina can occur.Quality sunglasses can filter out up to 97% of the light in your eyes to avoid damage.


Certain surfaces, such as water, reflect large amounts of light, and the resulting bright spots can disrupt the view or hide objects.Good quality sunglasses can completely eliminate such glare using polarizing technology, which we will discuss later.

Some frequencies blur the line of sight, while others enhance contrast.Choose the right color for your sunglasses to make them look better in a specific environment.


If sunglasses do not provide UV protection, they will expose you to more UV rays.Cheap sunglasses filter out some of the light, causing your iris to open to receive more.This also allows more UV rays to enter, increasing the damage they do to the retina.


So, there really is a difference between sunglasses.For a specific use of the environment, choose the right, quality sunglasses will provide you with the greatest protection.

In accordance with international standards, sunglasses are classified as personal eye protection products.The main function of sunglasses is to keep out the harsh sunlight.International standards, however, subdivide sunglasses into "fashion mirrors" and "general-purpose mirrors".In the standard "fashionable dress mirror" the quality requirement is relatively low.Because "fashion mirror" mainly highlights the style, what the wearer pays attention to is adornment, rather than protection function.The standard has strict quality requirements for "general purpose mirrors", including uv protection, dioptric and prismatic indicators.

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