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The quality that can judge a pair of picture frame basically from 3 details.

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The quality that can judge a pair of picture frame basically from 3 details.

1, color - look at the depth.

Put the glasses flat in front of your eyes and observe the color difference of the mirror legs under the same light intensity. Sometimes, due to mistakes in processing, the color asymmetry of the left and right mirror legs will occur.


2. Process -- Look at the details.

The craft is the quality assurance of the mirror frame, and the exquisite craft of a pair of mirror frame is often reflected in the details.

(1) Whether the two mirror legs are flat.Place the mirror frame flat on the desktop to see if the contact point is in the air.If one side is high and the other side is low, it is necessary to ask professionals to adjust the mirror leg to achieve the left and right balance of the upper and lower symmetrical effect.

(2) Pay more attention near the welding point of the metal mirror frame to see if there is any crack.The thermal effect during welding changes the stress structure of the material, or the virtual welding and material fatigue make it prone to fracture when under stress.

(3) The stipules of the mirror frame should be symmetric on both sides and fixed safely.

(4) Open and close the mirror leg to feel the elasticity.Generally think that the more tight the better view is wrong, that means that the screw lubrication is not enough, easy to cause mirror leg injury, too loose is not good, may not screw tight caused by.Moderate tightness is the best.


3. On the logo -- look at the material.

Many frames will have material on the leg, especially gold and titanium, two precious metals.Let's take a quick look at their logos.

(1)GF/GP: GF is a gold-coated frame, which is a frame made of rolled thin gold plates fused to other metal substrates;GP is a gold-plated frame, which is plated with gold on the surface of the frame made of other metals by electroplating.

(2)Ti-P/Ti-C: Ti is the label containing titanium materials, TI-P stands for pure titanium, ti-C stands for titanium alloy, etc.

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