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There may be many reasons for the deformation of new glasses!

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There may be many reasons for the deformation of new glasses!

1. Wrong pupil distance.The lens has a certain radian, whether spherical or aspheric lens, from different angles, things will have different degrees of deformation.The aspheric surface is in the range that the human body can adapt to, while the spherical surface may feel the deformation of things more obvious.A pupil-distance error means that you are looking at things "from the side" through the lens, and so there is some distortion.Visual results vary according to individual sensory sensitivities.


2. Refraction accompanied by astigmatism.And the degree of astigmatism, axis if there is a mistake, see things will be distorted, blurred.So you need to relight it.

3. The lenses are too big.The substrate diameter of the lens is limited, and the range of "pupil distance" that can be customized for different frames is also limited.Therefore, if you choose the wrong lens frame will also cause pupil distance to do inaccurate.And some businesses are afraid of losing customers, do a wrong pupil distance to the user.When users say they are not feeling well, they use "new glasses, just get used to it" to deceive and prevaricate with the user.


4. Wrong eye distance, wrong rake Angle, or big difference from the old glasses.Matching glasses is by no means measure the degree, custom-made lens can.The user needs to put on the newly selected glasses frame, measure the eye distance and rake Angle of the glasses, and make a decision on whether the glasses are optional after comparing with the old glasses. Then the optometry and prescription can be done.Most optometrists in domestic optometrists do not do or do not allow this, leading to many users in the same degree, wearing new glasses or uncomfortable.So, in addition to finding a professional, experienced optometrist, you should also find an optometrist with a work ethic and faith to serve you.


5. Slide of mirror frame.A lens is made up of a prism.As the glasses slide, the optical center of the eye is shifted from the optical center of the lens.That means the eyes are looking through a prism, not deformed!So, must match "non-slip glasses", do not let the eye use prism to see a thing for a long time, otherwise not only see things out of shape, as time passes, the degree will soar!

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