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Tips for choosing glasses for children, do you know?

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Tips for choosing glasses for children, do you know?

The nasal bracket

Children's head is very different from adults, especially the height of the bridge of the nose, the bridge of the nose of most children is lower, therefore, children with glasses with the best choice of high nasal support, or adjustable nose support glasses frame.Otherwise, the frame nose support low, glasses easy to stick to the eye, even touch eyelashes, cause eye discomfort.


Frame materials

The material of mirror frame is mainly divided into metal frame and plastic plate frame.Most of the children are active, take off the glasses, put more casual.Metal frames are easy to be deformed and broken, and may cause skin allergies.The plastic frame is not wear resistant, ductile, easy to break, jagged fracture, not suitable for children to use, the best material is high quality TR90 or light plate series, not easy to denatured, difficult to damage, environmental protection and safety.

The weight of the

When choosing children's glasses, pay attention to the weight.Because the weight of the glasses is directly acting on the bridge of the nose, if the weight of the glasses is too heavy, it is easy to cause the pain of the bridge of the nose, which may lead to degeneration of the nose bone in serious cases.So the weight of children's glasses is generally under 17 grams most appropriate.


Picture frame size

Children's glasses should have sufficient field of vision.Because children's range of activities is very wide, so try not to choose the picture frame that can produce shadow and blind spot of line of sight as far as possible.The frame is too small, the field of vision will be smaller;The frame is too large, easy to wear unstable, and the weight will increase.So children should use glasses frame size moderate.


The lens choice

The optical quality of the lens will affect the visual quality, so children with glasses to choose a good transmittance of the lens, to avoid poor quality lenses to increase the degree of myopia.From a safety point of view, children should choose safe and non-breakable resin lenses instead of glass to avoid eye injuries caused by broken lenses.

The price

Most parents think that the more expensive the better, the best for their children.In fact, the diopter of children's eyes changes more quickly, often half a year to a year to replace, from the economic point of view, choose the right price is more important.[1]

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