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Tips on color-changing glasses!

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Tips on color-changing glasses!

High quality discoloration lens surface, without any scratch, scratch, hair surface, pitting point, the lens will be inclined towards the light observation, the finish is extremely high.No spots, stones, stripes, bubbles, cracks inside the lens, transparent and bright.


Discoloration glasses two lenses must be the same color and no difference in the lens, discoloration should be uniform, can not show several colors, no "Yin and Yang", the first sunlight, discoloration time is fast, no sunlight, fading time is fast.Poor quality lenses discolor slowly and fade quickly, or fade quickly and fade slowly.The worst ones don't change color at all.


Chameleon two lens thickness cannot differ too much, otherwise, it will affect vision, damage eye health.The thickness of a single piece should also be uniform. If it is a color-changing plain lens, the thickness should be around 2mm and the edge should be bright and clean.


When wearing, no feeling, no dizziness, eye distension, no blur, no deformation.When buying, hold the glasses and look at the distant object through the lens with one eye. Shake the lens from side to side up and down. The distant object should not have movement illusion.

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