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Tips on sunglasses lens color

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Tips on sunglasses lens color

At present, there are more and more shades on the market, which can be roughly divided into tawny, grey, yellow, green and red. Different shades also have different sunscreen effects.


Tawny sunglasses are recognized as the best lens color in the product range, which can absorb almost 100% of ultraviolet and infrared rays.And the downy color tone makes the vision comfortable, lets the eye not easily fatigue.

Grey absorbs most of the infrared and ultraviolet rays without changing the original color of the scene.Mild and natural colors are a popular lens choice.


Yellow lenses absorb almost 100% of the UV light and most of the blue light, so you can see more clearly.Green absorbs all infrared rays and 99% of ULTRAVIOLET rays. Bluish and red light can also be blocked, but sometimes the color of the scene will be changed after passing through the green lens.


Red sunglasses are better at blocking some shorter wavelengths, while other shades are less effective than those of other colors.

There is a common misconception that the darker the lens, the more sunlight can be avoided.In fact, the darker the lens color, the larger the pupil, sunglasses do not have qualified filtering function, the damage to the eyes will be greater.The main thing is to look at the transmittance.

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