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What are the benefits of wearing sports glasses?

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What are the benefits of wearing sports glasses?

1. UV protection

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is also the most lethal part, we can not see the presence of UV with the naked eye. But it is with us day and night. Do not think that the sun is not strong cloudy days, the weather is not hot, take it lightly, ultraviolet light is actually 24 hours.

Our eyes are very easy to absorb ultraviolet rays from the sun, and long hours of outdoor training or competition under direct sunlight will cause great damage to our eyes. UV damage accumulates over time, and every time your eyes are exposed to solar radiation, there is a cumulative effect.

Ultraviolet rays should be absorbed by the lens of the eye, but if the absorption is not complete, they will enter the retina, which will cause macular degeneration of the retina. At the same time, the absorption is not complete, which will cause clouding of the lens, cataract and other serious eye diseases. Chronic overexposure to UV rays can lead to chronic conjunctivitis, corneal injury, pterygium, glaucoma and retinal damage.


2. Prevent strong light

In addition to ultraviolet light, the strong rays of the sun can cause severe irritation to the eyes. Studies have shown that the sun shines 25 times more brightly outside than indoors. Sunglasses can soften and weaken strong light, providing a comfortable transition to the eyes as the light environment changes outdoors and ensuring smooth running. Outdoor carriers can improve visual definition by wearing sunglasses.

When you go from a long period of intense light exposure to a relatively dark environment, there will be a short period of dizziness, or even blindness. Especially during a cross-country run, such a momentary change can be terrifying. If you can't see the surrounding environment, can't judge the foothold in time, can cause danger in the movement.

In addition to sunlight and ultraviolet light, light passing through uneven roads, water and other places will produce irregular diffuse reflection, known as "glare". Glare can cause discomfort to the eyes, fatigue, and affect the clarity of vision. Intense glare can even block vision, which can have a negative effect on the quality of your vision, affecting your enjoyment and safety of running.


3. Keep foreign bodies out of your eyes

Wear exercise glasses when running. They will be your first line of defense. Not only does it protect you from ultraviolet and bright light, but it also protects your eyes from strong winds that can cause irritation during fast movement. They also protect your eyes from sand, flying insects and tree branches.

Especially when running in the summer, sooner or later more flying insects, running in the process of a careless will get into the eyes, this situation will make people very uncomfortable. Wearing glasses can effectively prevent foreign bodies from entering the eyes. During cross-country running, it is difficult to notice branches on both sides of the road because you are so focused on road signs and road conditions. These often scratch your eyes.

Sports glasses have high impact resistance and ensure that the lenses do not break and cause secondary damage in the event of accidental injury. And, excellent foot cover and nose pad anti-slip breathable design, even if you are running fast and a lot of sweat, can also ensure that the frame is not loose, avoid the embarrassment of frequently helping glasses, from unnecessary interference.


4. Ensure good dynamic vision

During running, the human eye's dynamic vision for observing the road and its surroundings is much lower than it is at rest. As you run faster, your eyes work harder and harder.

When the eyes work intensively, our vision will be relatively obvious reduction, the eyes can see clearly the range will be narrower and narrower. Also, your visible vision and horizon get worse with increasing speed. If the eyes and eyesight are not well protected, it is difficult to cope with all kinds of situations, inevitably causing accidents.

In the day or night, in different weather conditions and in different environments, the light and shade constantly change during running, which affects our vision all the time. Therefore, glasses with different lens color types can be worn to cope with different weather conditions.

Alternatively, you can opt for colour-changing lenses that automatically adjust the incoming light according to the environment at any time, improving eye comfort, maintaining a high level of visual sensitivity and ensuring a clear line of sight. Convenient, without the trouble of changing the lens.

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