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What is negative oxygen ion glasses?

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With the change of living environment, our eyes suffer from all kinds of hurts. Due to long hours of work and study,  and now usually from the temptation of computers and mobile phones, our eyes are particularly tired every day, more and more people are wearing thick glasses. To relieve the fatigue of our eyes and prevent eye diseases, our company developed negative oxygen ion glasses. The Dilute Crystals in the negative oxygen ion glasses have unique nano-material energy,  which can produce strong molecular motion and radiate specific wave long-term infrared rays invisible to the naked eye.  The high-quality Dilute Crystal Stone produced by high-tech Synthesis Technology will play a great role with only a very small volume.

The main reason for our eye disease is the formation of water shortage and lack of oxygen,  which is difficult to solve in medicine.  Ordinary glasses release very little negative oxygen ions and our glasses can release about 1600 negative oxygen ions, giving our eyes enough active oxygen components, so that our eyes are always in an oxygen environment, then there is the far-infrared can activate the inactive cells, strengthen the metabolism and detoxification, making the eyes younger and more energetic.

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