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What should I do if there is a red mark on the bridge of my nose with glasses?

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What should I do if there is a red mark on the bridge of my nose with glasses?

This situation often occurs in the old-fashioned lens nose. The early frame and the nose are integrated, and the lens is basically glass, which is relatively thick and will press on the bridge of the nose. Of course, this does not necessarily cause redness in the compressed area. 


The key is whether the contact part is comfortable and suitable. Compared with the previous frames, the frames are now much lighter, and the lenses are also generally made of resin lenses, which have the characteristic of being "light". So overall the glasses are much lighter. In terms of lenses, there are ultra-thin lenses to further lighten the lenses. In addition, small lenses are now popular, which also reduces the overall weight of the glasses. Of course, if you choose a large frame, the edge of the lens will naturally be thicker. Because the myopia lens itself is thin in the middle and thick at the edges. 

It's better to choose thin lenses. The other is whether the lens nose is suitable and whether the material of the lens nose causes allergies. Regular materials are less likely to cause allergies. In the final analysis, pay attention to the material and processing of the nose. The processed surface should be smooth and free of burrs. Rough ones tend to scratch the skin. Whether the frame is overall heavier, so that the nose is heavier and the bridge of the nose is compressed. Sweating and skin allergies are also a condition.


 It is recommended to reduce the time of wearing the lens and keep the skin dry. If you really need to wear a mirror, a clean paper towel with a cushion block is also a solution. Try to troubleshoot the cause as early as possible.

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