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Will myopia with glasses become more and more nearsighted?

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Will myopia with glasses become more and more nearsighted?

It is completely wrong to think that wearing glasses will cause myopia to become more and more serious, and the degree of myopia becomes deeper and deeper. There are several reasons for the development and aggravation of myopia:


First, genetic factors. If the family has hereditary myopia, the possibility of myopia is very high. Second, external factors, such as using eyes at close range for a long time, such as incorrect posture when reading, looking at mobile phones, reading and writing, or reading or looking at mobile phones in a walking car or while walking, these Both are factors that aggravate the development of myopia. Therefore, to prevent the aggravation of myopia, pay attention to the correct use of the eyes. Do not use the eyes continuously and at close distances for a long time. Sometimes the work requires a long time to look at the computer and mobile phones. The intermediate patients should rest. Generally speaking, they should take a rest for about 50 minutes. For about 10 minutes, look at the distance to relax and relax your eyes. At the same time, try to do outdoor activities as much as possible. This is conducive to the control of myopia.


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