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Wenzhou Dilicn Optical Co.,Ltd is a professional reading glasses factory & exporter located in Wenzhou city which named China-Glasses-City since 2006.Dilicn founder Mr. Teng is one of the glasses design engineer, he puts all his own youth in the cause of the glasses area.When he was a young man, he has been thinking about if only from the physical point of view to consider reading glasses is defined as the necessities of life, but times change, the era have entrusted to give change and mission of the middle-aged, requires each person has a younger, more confident, more fashionable attitude and state.
Today, with the improvement of medical levels around the world, human life prolonged, meanwhile the developed areas of the world population growth continued to slow, aging has become a global trend.40 years old, the middle-aged in the traditional sense is defined as the age of nodes, the mission of new era will be endowed with more young people and more social activity and creativity.
But, as you all know, with the increase of age leads to the change of physiological conditions, namely humans’eye lens will grow hard and lead to the elderly see near the scene will become increasingly blurred from the age of 35 with eyes physiological structure changed, so they need a pair of reading glasses to adjust their eye lens focusing distance in order to become clear in the near the scene. As a glasses design engineer,Mr. Teng thinks this is the age brings new opportunities to create a world class platform for the reading glasses. To makes the elder all over the world can find out a reading glasses that is not only easy to carry, good prices but also suit both men or women and fat or thin.At the same time this exclusive his reading glasses also is their fashion collocation and make them become more confident, more young!And this pair of reading glasses will become their most reliable, most intimate, the most healthy daily partner not just a tool to read!

Based on this beautiful ideal, Mr Teng created wenzhou optical co., LTD., in Wenzhou city in 2006. At the same time,we also have registered the "thumbs-up" ,”DILICN" "Areaders Word" brands,etc.Dilicn as a professional reading glasses factory, we have strong capacity to research,develope and design, produce and sales all kinds of reading glasses.Our aim is to create a professional & world glass solution platform of reading glasses, which is "A Readers World" brand purpose and mission!
Our products meet the European standard of CE and American standard of FDA. To match different demands from market, We actively attend the domestic Canton Fair, HongKong Fair,Milan Fair,and other overseas Fair, etc. To capture the popular element and trend in order to provide our clients the latest designs for their markets. We can also provide custom fabrication services and OEM services. 

We offer you competitive price, quality products and best service. and we are looking forward to cooperating with even greater corporations from overseas customers based on mutual benefits. We are always ready to be your trustworthy partner.

Hoping to build a long term business partnership with you and warmly welcome to visit our company.Thank you!


We are an industrial and trade integration company, we have our own factory, can provide quality products and services, but also to ensure the quantity and quality of products.


Their product is very satisfying to us, and a good product is very important to us, DILICN is a good supplier.

I have cooperated with DILICN for 3 years, and every time their products and services make me and my partners feel professional.

Our company has strict requirements on the delivery date of products, but they did what they promised and delivered the products we wanted to us on time every time.

It was difficult for us to find a suitable one among many suppliers, but DILICN did it. Working with them made me feel the enthusiasm of the Chinese people, and their professionalism was commendable.

If you have been to their factory, you will definitely choose to cooperate with them. Their equipment is very advanced and their factory is clean and standardized, which is one of the most comfortable factories I have ever been to.

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These floating glasses, I really love it, it's so light, I go to the beach with my friends, I feel it, it's so cool, my friends all choose it.

Wow, unbelievable price, the product I want, this is great, I will visit again, many times.

I need a handy pair of reading glasses and I found it here. It's cheap and great.

Love these kids sunglasses, they have enough styles for me to choose and bring joy to my kids.

Very good. I would recommend it to my friends. It's a great product.

We have looked for many suppliers, but they are rarely suppliers who can cooperate with us for a long time. Their professionalism is really high in the industry, so we are very glad to cooperate with them.

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