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As a product design engineer, the founder of DILICN Mr.Teng has devoted all his youth to the spectacles industry. When he was young, he had been always thinking about in work that the reading glasses can be defined as the necessities of life from the physiological point of view.
However, times are changing. The evolution and missions given to middle-aged people in this era require that everyone have a younger, more confident and fashionable mentality and state of mind. As a glasses design engineer, Mr. Teng regards it as a new opportunity brought about by the times. A world-wide reading glasses platform is necessary. So the elder and middle-aged from all over the world can find their portable reading glasses that in high quality and competitive price. Whether you are female or male, and no matter what your figure is like, you will find the best fit reading glasses here. Moreover, the stylish glasses make people look younger and breed a lot more confidence. DILICN aims to turn the reading glasses to become people’s most reliable, intimate, and healthiest daily companion rather than a cold reading tool.
Based on this glorious ideal, Wenzhou Dilicn Optical Co., Ltd. was set up in 2006. Later “Thumb”, “DILICN”, “A Readers World” and other brands were registered one after another. DILICN is a professional factory of reading glasses, who specializes in glasses R&D, eyewear design, production and sales of various reading glasses.
Our vision is to build a world-wide reading glasses platform with a certain reputation, that is, the mission of "A Readers World" !
As a professional reading glasses factory, DILICN always stick to provide the most fashionable, healthiest, and cost-effective reading glasses in high technology for our customers. At the same time, following the pace of the Internet technology era, we have realized the production visualization and platform procurement as early as possible so that customers can get a more direct and efficient procurement experience.
Our R&D team has been always paying close attention to the application of optical technology and material technology in reading glasses. We have developed a series of anti-fatigue and blue light blocking reading glasses, progressive multifocal reading glasses for eye protection, ring-focus lens reading glasses, multifunctional progressive multifocal reader sunglasses, as well as the foldable pocket reading glasses, etc.

We have been and will continue to be at the forefront of the world in new materials and processes that are healthier and environmentally friendlier, as well as in the application of new optical technologies to reading glasses. There are endless possibilities of reading glasses on "A Readers World" platform, and what you need to do is just to make the choice.
As a reading tool, DILICN eyewear is also not only a pair of reading glasses, but also a fashion accessory, with which you will look more youthful and stylish. Old age beckons, however, the fashionable reading glasses will reproduce our youth! What’s more, DILICN reading glasses is also an reliable eye care companion with health gene that protects our fragile eyes and delays the aging of eyes, which will follow us the whole life. This is the unique experience that “A Readers World” brings to us. Here we offer glasses of various colors, frame shapes, materials, sizes, and functions that can match all face types, temperament and fashion wears, so you can always find the one suits you best. In addition, we offer spot goods and customized styles to meet needs of different customers and markets.
"A readers world", that is, "a reading glasses world", which is a solution platform for reading glasses in the new era of population aging and physiological factors. Here everyone can find the most suitable reading glasses for themselves.
The improvement of medical treatment level has increased human longevity. At the same time, the population growth in the developed regions of the world continues to slow down, and aging has become a global trend.
The age of 40 that is traditionally defined as a node entering into middle ages, now is endowed with more young people's missions, as well as more social activities and creativity in the new era.

However, as we all know, with the increase of age, physiological conditions change. In fact, human beings physiological structure of the eyes changes from the age of 35, and the eye lens shape gradually hardens, resulting in more and more blurred scenes for the middle-aged and the elderly. Therefore, a pair of reading glasses that adjusts the focusing distance of our eyes lens is necessary so that we can see the near scenes more clear.
There are two ordering modes on "A readers world":

One is the spot market service: if you are a small batch wholesaler or retailer, it’s better to choose this one. You can choose spot products in our store according to different demands, such as gender, material, size, frame shape, functionality, etc. Of course, each product will have different color options. We support a MOQ of 12 pcs of per product. If order quantity reaches a certain number, we can also customize your trademark. We also provide convenient online payment system, instant chat tools and guaranteed after-sales service. Let every purchaser experience convenient and pleasant shopping fun is our highest business philosophy.

The other mode is customized service of reading glasses. This kind is better fit for large wholesaler, glasses chain store or supermarket operator.
We support OEM customized services. You can select your favorite style and color from our navigation bar of custom, or you can provide your own ideas, drawings or samples. DILICN provides one-stop service covering from product design, brand logo design, sample building, mass production, quality assurance, transportation to the destination and after-sales service. If your order amount can reach more than US $1W, we can also provide you with exclusive trade visualization services, that is, in every step of your order production, we can feed back the production process, production progress and quality control process through video in time.


DILICN's corporate culture
Three “Common” idea - Common Idea, Common Cause, Common Share
DILICN's sales culture
Three “C” principle - ResourCe, PriCe, ServiCe.
I hope that you will become our partner to grow together and witness the miracle. Thank you.

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