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symptoms of presbyopia ----check if you are presbyopia!

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symptoms of presbyopia

-------check if you are presbyopia

The most common symptoms of presbyopia occur around age 40 for most people. The symptoms of presbyopia typically involve a gradual deterioration in your ability to read or do work up close.

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Common symptoms of presbyopia are:

1. having eyestrain or headaches after reading or doing close work

2. having difficulty reading small print

3. having fatigue from doing close work

4. needing brighter lighting when reading or doing close work

5. needing to hold reading material at an arm’s distance to focus properly on it

6. overall problems seeing and focusing on objects that are close to you

7. squinting

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Hyperopia, or farsightedness, is a condition that has symptoms similar to presbyopia. However, they’re two different disorders. In both conditions, distant objects are clear but closer objects appear blurred.

Hyperopia occurs when your eye is shorter than normal or your cornea is too flat. With these malformations, the light rays focus behind your retina, as in presbyopia. However, hyperopia is a refractive error that’s present at birth. It’s possible to have hyperopia and then develop presbyopia with age.

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